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Welcome to Greatall!

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Multistage Centrifugal Blower

Canada made Hibon blower

Performance Range:

Flow from 180 m3/h to 55000 m3/h
Pressure up to 1.3Barg

Greatall multistage centrifugal blower package using Canada made Ingersoll Rand-Hibon blower, offering an efficient and reliable alternative to rotary lobe blowers and turbo compressors for low pressure air and gas applications. Recommended driven from a variable frequency converter, multi stage centrigufal blower provide the maximum system efficiency at variable flow during the longest life time. Basic internal design allows most of the units to run up to 20 years without any overhaul. Due to the low speed centrifugal operation, blower is able to meet industrial noise limit requirement without noise enclosure.
  • Blower inlet/outlet heads and intermediate sections are fabricated of cast iron ASTM A 48-30B (FGL 200) for an outstanding strength.
  • Impellers are of cast or riveted aluminum alloy, depending on the flow characteristics required. They are statically and dynamically balanced for efficient operation without vibration.
  • There are ample internal clearances, with no interference fitting surfaces, offering spark-free operation.
  • Shaft is SAE 10-45 (XC 38) steel.
  • Type C3 ball bearings are designed for 100,000 hours, AFBMA-B10 (NF ISO 281 LH10) service life. They are oil bath lubricated, by means of an advanced design factory preset lubricator, which assures a constant oil level for long service life.
  • Bearing housings are fabricated of ASTM A 48-38B (FGL 200) cast iron, temperaturestabilized and precision-machined to ensure parallel alignment to the casing. Additionally, the housing is designed to prevent pressurization from the process air, thus eliminating any potential oil leaks.
  • Carbon ring seals within the bearing housing reduce air leaks while improving compression efficiency.
  • Compressed air/gas is guaranteed 100% oil free.

Performance Range

  • Aeration on waste water treatment plant
  • Flue gas desulphurization on coal fire power plant
  • Sulphur recovery unit on refinery
  • Floatation cell on gold and copper mining
  • Combustion air
  • Gas compression for chemical and petro-chemical industries
  • Pulp and paper, printing industries
  • Fluidization and homogenization of silos
  • Liquids or baths aeration and agitation
  • Air knife drying
  • Galvanizing process
  • Central vacuum cleaning


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