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Greatall Wuhan set up a Joint-venture with FIMA Germany
2012-06-25 15:53:30  来源: Greatall

During the period of ACHEMA Exposition from 2012 June 18th to 22th, Greatall Wuhan Company and FIMA Germany signed the shareholder agreement of setting up a joint-venture formally. This new company will be officially named “FIMA GREATALL TURBO MACHINERY CO. LTD” and its primary business will focus on centrifugal air compressors and blowers in accordance with the contract.

FIMA Germany was established in 1947. It has accumulated abundant technical resources in machinery manufacture during 60 years’ development. Since its establishment, it never stopped optimizing its product design and expanding the service range.  FIMA Germany at present has become a global supplier of customized single-stage centrifugal equipments including blowers, compressors, centrifugal driers, bottom valve and so forth, and also it has particularly outstanding performance  on the field of process gas compressor and steam compressor. 

Greatall Wuhan after many years development has also formed comprehensive capability of dynamic equipment assembly. Company provides both domestic market and Asia-pacific with professional application solutions and customized products according to customers’ specific requirements through combining imported key equipments with Chinese local components.

Mutual trust between Greatall and FIMA has been built through many times of joint market development and project cooperation before this joint-venture established. To future strengthen cooperation in single-stage centrifugal product field, two parties decided to set up this joint-venture which takes Wuhan as its production and construction base to supply Chinese market with the best cost performance products.

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