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Welcome to Greatall!

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Company Profile

Wuhan Greatall machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1998 with headquarter and R&D center as well as manufacture plant in Wuhan and wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing and branches in Shanghai, Chengdu.

Greatall combines advanced European and American technologies and imported key equipments and Chinese local components to produce high quality dynamics equipment packages and complete system. By this unique Foreign-Chinese co-production concept, Greatall makes significant success and has grown to a specialist in rotating equipment by manufacture, marketing and service a large range of air and gas blowers and compressors.

Our products are mainly including roots blower, centrifugal blower, gas blower, middle and high pressure compressor, central vacuum system, pneumatic ship unloading system, various types of stationary and mobile vacuum conveying system, which are widely used in WWTP, power plant, petro-chemical, medical care and many other industries all over China and Asia market.

Greatall has developed the expertise and capability to design and manufacture blower and compressor packages. Our factory, of which the area exceeds 10524 m2, is equipped with all necessary machines to produce blower and compressor packages for air and gas handling.

From 1998 the first collaboration the first compressor maker, Greatall only builds long term relation with partners. The success based on benefits sharing and fare equity convinces more and more companies each year to trust Greatall to represent their brand in China and Asia markets. Greatll has established relationships with Ingersoll Rand (USA), HIBON (Canada and France), RIX (USA), SAUER(Germany), BOGE(Germany), LMF(Austria), FIMA(Germany) and several partners.

Greatall’s service is synonymous with customer full satisfaction for commissioning, maintenance, overhaul, onsite training. We have service and overhaul center in Wuhan and 3 service branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Greatall is able to provide service not only for its own product but also can act as a third service partner for  a wide range of blowers and compressors.

Both Greatall’s production and management are ISO9000 approved.


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